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Saturday, May 11, 2013

I think of you everyday........ even if I try not too.... you are always there

Rushing to work, blasting the music, singing my favorite songs...... I start my day rushing, rushing, rushing, even in the traffic mind is running wild with things.......

Busy, Busy, Busy.... going through the day

Everyday I drive my long commute home and again my mind is running wild with things I need to do when I get home. But when I hit that bend in the road where you use to live and the traffic slows... my eyes fill up with tears thinking of you. I try to not think of you because it breaks my heart that you are gone..... But it never ends up that way.

So many GREAT memories.... so much LOVE you gave me........ so many FUNNY stories you told....

SO many many things

As the traffic begins to move again, I dry my eyes and drive on home.

The weekends  I forget yet again and life goes on.   But today it stopped for alittle.....

For some reason I decided to clean out my closet which is my secret hoarder closet for my books. I love books. Old and New......... As I began filling up 2 boxes of books to donate.... I found a book you gave to me...... With a note in Spanish that read: "Para mi querida sobrina, Titi"

I cried for a few ...... and cried.... as those memories at your house came flooding back in......

This month comes the 2nd anniversary of your passing and your birthday.

We all miss you.

Until we meet again Titi.... I LOVE you muchos!

Tu Sobrina

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