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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Take the time to re-tweet @AnnCurry @reecesrainbow

PLEASE start a new tweet or RT mine to Ann Curry. She needs to know about RR, and how we HAVE and can continue to help in Serbia and around the world. "@AnnCurry
Serbia/Ukraine/Russia, all the same. We've saved 1000 of these kids! Let's talk.

Reece's Rainbow is one of my most favorite blogs. I have been MIA since going back to work. I feel bad neglecting these children. You all probably get annoyed by my posts but I feel like I want to at least make a difference in some way. Just as I put up with your ranting posts, multiple game accomplishments, and political debates, I STILL LOVE YOU!  I think a post here and there about orphaned children shouldn't be a big nuisance.

If you have the time please re-tweet this or repost this.

Have a wonderful day!

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