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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pet Peeve of the week and no I don't care if you disagree it's my BLOG right so i will say what I want!

The Fast Lane-----I finally get through the traffic jam and move steadily up the freeway and BAM!!!!!!!  A dude in the fast lane driving slow. Let me start this again..... THE FAST LANE people. Yep it is called the fast lane for a reason buddy. It is for cars that goooooo FAST maybe.  Get your head out of your @#$* dude...... I don't know the 25 cars that passed you didn't make you realize that you need to get over to the SLOW lane , where sloooooowwww cars drive......

Hmmmmm driving 45 miles on the freeway and in the fast lane, makes you an idiot! UGH...... DUDE I am TRAPPED....TRAPPED in the FAST LANE driving slow.......and the slow lane is driving FAST compare to us.....IT WAS a  complete bummer .... I know I know.... He probably saved my life..... yada yada yada.... save it alright!

I am alittle grouchy this week. Who knows why........ I am hoping and praying that tomorrow will bring on the SUNSHINE! Pray for me people the ugly side of me has come out today.... not pretty people not pretty at all!  

Later peeps,
G Zell

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