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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Everyday I go to work and Everyday I see the homeless roaming the streets begging for money...

Busy, Busy, Busy..... all of us have so much to do. So much to say. So much to do again. Everyday I pass the homeless on my way to work, thinking that's sad. Then I go on with my day. Some of them scare me as they jump in front of my car or knock on my window asking for money. I try not to make eye contact and look straight forward. My heart racing. I go on with my day.

Everyday I see this homeless guy standing on the center divide. He walks with a limp, and one arm curled in. made me cry....... I don't know what came over me. It hit my heart. I open my window everyday just tad. Stick out some bills so he can eat. I just wonder how they got there. What went wrong.  Everyday I do this...... Everyday on my way home I leave the radio off and think about life.

In High School we said we would conquer the world. Our numerous friends and acquaintances were living the life. We all couldn't wait until we went into the world.

Some of these friends are struggling from drugs, some incarcerated, and some homeless. As I get older, I think more about my life. Most certainly have those pity parties for myself. Sometimes things seem so overwhelming and I feel sorry for myself. Moments like these I tell myself "What are you crying for!" Life is good. Look around...... Look in the mirror. Look at your children. Look at your family. Look at your friends.

Life is good. I have everything I ever wanted. I don't have a bazillion dollars. I don't have a fancy car. But I have it ALL.....

Just remember that....... We are very blessed.


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