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Sunday, August 12, 2012

ANGEL of the week.. Check out this cutie patootie! She needs a home @reecesrainbow

From my favorite blog  REECES RAINBOW   LOOK at this cutie patootie!  She needs a home. Can you help?  Please spread the word. CAN'T adopt, that's ok. You can donate to her fund.

Date of Birth: March 2008
Gender: Female
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Update from a family who met her in Feb 2012:
Amanda would do best in a family with older children or no children – she does not interact well with or like younger children. She would rather play by herself.

She loves her caretakers and likes to sit in their laps to play. She likes individualized attention and has a fit if the caretakers pay any attention to the other children. She likes to help clean and dust. She loves the vacuum cleaner and figured out how to turn it on by herself. She loves to be tickled and will laugh when you do so. She laughs when you throw her up in the air or dip her head back. She likes to throw balls. She loves to eat bread.

She’s in a good orphanage. She seemed like a very sad, lonely little girl. It broke my heart. We had to tickle her and do the things I mentioned above to get a smile or laugh from her. I saw a beautiful light deep within her and she needs a home very badly. She will do so well with a family that has the time and attention to really work with her. She will be a life changer.
$2294.35 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
Please spread the word. Children with down syndrome are sent to mental institions starting at the age of 4. They are lucky if they stay in an orphanage past that. Please spread the word.

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