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Sunday, April 8, 2012

This slash mommy/bunny is soooo tired because the PRINCESS was determined to stay up for the Easter bunny and not realizing that the bunny was on her 3rd cup of coffee trying to stay up so the gifts could be delivered

Whew.... Oh my goodness... what a night! The princess was hanging on for a long while... and just when I thought ok this is the moment. This is the time.  PooF here she comes startled and yelling is the Easter Bunny here!  OOOOOOOOOOO this is going to be a long night!...........Another cup of coffee it is......

I don't think she realizes that I am old and hitting 9 o'clock is late and hitting 11:30 is about to kill me..... Someone help me now. :)

So finally , she is snoring.... and there is no movement..... I run downstairs get the baskets.... put them in place... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Thank goodness right! Hit my head on the pillow~
Get to snoring......... then it happens! It is 3 am....... The princess comes running into the room, jumps on the bed to announce the EASTER BUNNY came and she missed him and this is the WORST day ever since she didn't get to meet him.........

With my one eye open ,  I said hey LADY it's 3 am...... WELL do you get anything!....
She smiled YES
A whole bunch of barbies and stuff....

SO REALLY it isn't the worst day EVER right!..... CUZ I didn't get a darn thing!... YOU ARE SOOOO LUCKY... thank goodness you cleaned your room. :)
She smiled again
I took her to her room, covered her and said see you in the late morning..ok CHICA! :)

Awwwwwwwwww  now off to the festivities....... later peeps


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