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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey YOU! in the white cargo van...... BITE ME!!!!

Ya you heard me!..... UNBELIEVABLE dude...... why you are allowed to drive is a complete wonder.... Oh ya and that line in the middle of the road means something..... like stay in your lane... you @#$%.......

I want to thank you for almost killing me when you decided that you were going to ride the right side of the shoulder and I go to pass you and you FREAKN change your mind!!!!!

You bleep......

Seriously  douchebag..... stay home next time!!!!!

OHHHH you are so lucky that I had my cute HIGH heel shoes from Target that I spent 29.99 and not to mention.. that I was looking mighty cute in my work attire........

GUESS what buddy that saved your LIFE!!!!!

Oh ya and let's mention that when you decided to get back onto the road you completely moved to the other side of lane 2........... placing me in the gravel........

THEN the nerve of you looking at me  like it is MY FAULT!!

You bleep!!!

Did I mention you were so lucky I was lookin mighty FINE... did I ... did I.....

Just in case you didn't see it!.....

I saved a life today!!!.... Yes sir ree bob!!!!... not at the hospital, ---THAT dude in the white CARGO van lives another day. :)

Everyone be safe and take care!

Later Peeps,


  1. LOL!! Glad you're safe, chica!

    I missed ya!!

  2. I think this same dude was loose in iowa city the other was like he was playin a game w the gal in front of me...he wouldnt let her pass...hed wait till she was just gettin ready to pass then swerve back into the left lane....he travled in the right lane 3/4 of the way...just enough For the gal behind him wouldnt pass...


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