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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My little citizens of the world

Oh how exciting the day when I get to see what my children's generation will bring to this world. It is such an exciting time to be alive. Technology continues to evolve, the mysteries of the mind continue to open up, and our children continue to grow, learn and discover who they are.

As a young girl my parents taught me the importance of compassion, respect, and pride. To never be ashamed of who you are or where you came from. They allowed all of us children to be exposed to many different religions although they were baptized catholics. My parents knew the importance of appreciation and understanding of all who were among us.

We lived in a neighborhood that had a great mix of different cultures and races: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Italians, Portuges, and Americans. We shared recipes, ideas, work, and spirit. But we had one important thread that held us all together, we were all proud creatures of our culture and Americans.

Flag of Mexico

Flag of Italy

Flag of Portugal

Flag of Puerto Rico

Flag of The United States of America

Their father and myself have worked hard to instill these same values into our children.

I can see the joy my sons have participating in traditions of old and traditions of new. Their continued excitment of learning another language, listening to Latin music and absorbing more about how their ancestors came to be here in this wonderful land of the United States of America.

It is so freshing for them to say that they don't understand how there ever was a time that people of other races were mistreated or tortured because they were different. I am happy at this time that my kids are growing up when it isn't acceptable to discrimnate based on color or race. A time when it is ok to be a proud Puerto Rican American. A time when they can embrace the beauty both from America and Puerto Rican traditions.

When asked the question "What does it mean to be a little citizen of the world?" My son Joseph (age 13) said " Me and my generation feel a great responsibility to continue to make this world a great  place." and "I feel we have along time to go for everyone to see that we all are alike in so many ways."

When I turned to my other son Jose (age 14)  and asked "What does it mean to be alittle citizen of the world?" He laughed and said "Mom I am not little." Ok I said " So let's me ask you this then. "What does it mean to be a citizen of the world as a young man.?" He said "Well mom I would have to agree with Joseph it is a great responsibility for us to take the torch of our parents." and "it is an exciting time because of technology and hopefully alot of the madness from the past will be resolved so we can make you guys proud."

"Wow!", I said. "I am really proud of you guys for taking this seriously." I felt alittle tug on my shirt and it was Chloe (age 4). "Yes". I said. "Mommy can I do this too." she smiled. "Ok sure!" I said smiling back. I kneeled down and I asked her. She looked confused so I changed the question 'What does it mean to be a little kid in this world?" This was her answer:   "I like to dance and I can do this! "Watch me I can do this too." After the Chloe show ended after about 10 minutes. She came back to me to say "I like to read, I like to read books." She continued playing, giggling and show us her new trick.

So not to leave anyone out I turned to my lil' peanut Kyiah (age 1 & 2 months) asked her the same question? She smiled with her 2 teeth , continued to eat her cheerios and walked off to play with her toys.

I turned to them and asked them what 4 things do you think would make this world a better place:

Their answers were very exciting for me to hear from my once little boys who are now young men , who in a few years become men.





Like I said before, it is an exciting time to be alive. For the future I think we have no worries because many of us have done such a great job with our kids the possibilities are endless with them at the helm.

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Wish me luck!

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  1. The world is in good hands with this next generation. What great answers your kids gave.

  2. Their answers gave me goosebumps!

    And thank you for raising four amazing children (and one young man, lol!) for our future. You truly are an amazing mom!!


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